GIRP, my new climbing game

I’ve finished work on my new game, GIRP. It’s very loosely a spiritual successor to QWOP.

Press and hold the letter keys to reach for the rings, and use either SHIFT, CONTROL or the mouse button to haul yourself up. Your goal is a bird’s nest at the top of the cliff, that has an awesome, amazing treasure hidden inside. But you have to contend with a territorial bird and the slowly rising tide. It’s not as hard as QWOP but I think you will find it… hard enough.

Play it now online for free.

Note: There is a bug in Firefox 4 for OSX which prevents SHIFT and CONTROL from working, until they fix it use the mouse button or Safari or Chrome. On Windows, there is a ‘feature’ where StickyKeys gets turned on if you hit shift too many times, so use Control or the mouse button. And on a number of cheaper, newer keyboards, there are combinations of letters that won’t register if you’re pressing SHIFT or CONTROL. If you’re having trouble, try using the mouse button instead.